Premium materials

Mastered craftsmanship with the highest standards

YANARADA, offers exceptional products and a unique experience for people who gather and cook outdoors with their loved ones, in a joyous way and wherever they are in the world.


Grill 70 Black


Grill 70 Corten


Grill 80 Black


Grill 80 Corten

Crafting the simple and the elegant

The aesthetic state of warming

We design for you to enjoy spending time outdoors to the fullest. Thus, your outdoor presence enhances, the effect of fresh air and watching the flames relaxes you, while the joy of the conversations warm you up.


Fire 28 Black


Fire 28 Corten


Fire 35 Black


Fire 35 Corten


YANARADA is more than a cooking unit, it offers a thorough outdoor kitchen and furniture concept with its capacity and modular features.

Its large surface allows cooking meat, fish and vegetables at the same time. Many meals and snacks, from breakfast to dinner, can be easily prepared with YANARADA.

Join the experience

There are endless ways to come aboard today: It’s easy to get in touch with someone from anywhere in the world. But when do we really feel connected or what makes a shared moment unforgettable?


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